Budgeting & Dashboards

Targeted Account / Period Comparisons

Dashboard - P&L Budget

Using RazorCashflow, you’re able to get detailed comparative numbers down to the account and period level.  And to publish this information to your NetSuite dashboards using all the native portlets.  Whether it’s a Simple KPI or complex KPI ScroeCard, by using RazorCashflow’s Budgeting feature you can ‘go deep’ into the details.


Custom Portlets & Visual Presentation

RazorCashflow includes a refreshing set of visually appealing charts, dials and tables and graphs.  Running on the awesome power of NetSuites Saved Searches, Razor bring you the ability to visualise the result through a set of bright and engaging formats to really bring your data to life.
 Chart - Pie Chart - Spider
 Chart - Bar  Chart - Lines
 Chart - Area  Chart - Donut