Capital Management


Loan Approved

Commercial Borrowing

Set up repayment schedules for your obligations and have them ready for payment or collection when they fall due so that you can focus on doing what you do.

 Fixed Asset - Computers

Fixed Assets

Create an asset directly from any purchase or payment transaction and then run depreciation, write of, or sell away the   the asset, the process couldn’t be easier.

Brain loss and losing memory and intelligence due to neurological trauma and head injury or alzheimers disease  caused by aging with gears and cogs in the shape of a human face showing cognitive loss and thinking function.

IP Assets

RazorCashflow will build an IP Asset while its ‘WIP’ directly from approved timesheets, and then with a ‘click of a button’ reallocate the asset on your Balance Sheet and set up an amortization schedule to ensure its complete utilisation.

 Investment Asset

Investments Assets

Each investment made can be tracked separately, revalued, added to and disposed of.  And, for publicly quoted investments the revaluation process can be automated.